Library user details are stored in the Library Management System. This includes people who have registered at any of the 7 library services in Libraries West.

Membership provides access to:

  • borrowing items from the shared LibrariesWest catalogue

  • access to PCs in libraries

  • access to e-materials from subscribed services such as e-books, e-magazines, and audio books

  • access to WiFi in libraries (where this is authenticated by library membership)

  • various other benefits, sometimes depending on the particular library services

We don't release data on individual members, but do have counts of active members, including which library those members are registered with.

Open data exports

We release counts of 'active' members. Active membership means that the account has been active within the last year. This could be for a variety of different types of activity, for example logging in to a PC, or borrowing a book.